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Enhancing Home-Buying Gratification
Hobizbo is a protector of something good - keeping and enhancing the roles of real estate agents, not trying to replace them.  As agents ourselves, some of whom have been in the business of helping happy clients for decades, we feel a burning need to work tirelessly to create technology offerings that will help us beat the many silicon valley companies that are trying to eliminate us from the transaction, while also improving gratification in the process for our buyers and sellers.  
Builders of Value
Increased Speed
Increased Trust
Increased Credibility
Increased Fairness
Increased Sense of Discovery
Reduced Costs
Reduced Wasted Efforts
About Us
A coalition of technologists and real estate agents serving as protectors of something good - building up real estate agents' value, while enhancing the buying and selling experience by harnessing the power of storytelling and analytics utilizing novel, real-time, street smart, data.     

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