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  • Buying a home is one of the most exhilarating yet exhausting, frustrating, and outright annoying things someone can experience: exorbitantly lengthy processing, less than enjoyable brokers, and bouncing back-and-forth between everything from previous owners to HOAs are just a handful of the issues a homebuyer experienced. Hobizbo sets to use the benefits of mobile technology—paper-free, instant connection, flexibility—and let Long Beachers decide for themselves what they want in a home. LB Post – Mobile App Hobizbo Hopes to Change How You Buy a Home in Long Beach

    — Mobile App Hobizbo Hopes to Change How You Buy a Home —
  • Hobizbo’s Instant Offers streamlines purchase offers for both real estate agents and buyers with Southern California broker Boutique Real Estate Group. Additionally, using the app’s new instant showing feature, buyers can get in the door of a property within minutes of requesting a showing with the help of one of Boutique Real Estate Group.  Inman Innovator Award Candidates – Hobizbo – Most Innovative Technology

    — Inman Announces Innovator Award Candidates —
  • Hobizbo is among a crop of new firms giving consumers access to on-demand real estate broker services.  Hobizbo’s tools create opportunities for our agents to work with new clients while providing a valuable service that many consumers are after.  Inman News – Hobizbo streamlines showings and offers for agents and buyers

    — Inman News —
  • ‘Your face-to-face [interaction] is going to happen in the beginning to get the ball rolling, but then the minutiae of the transaction like the exchange of paperwork . . . that happen along the way, that’s all done digitally.’ Long Beach Business Journal – How Technology is Shaping the Real Estate Industry

    — Long Beach Business Journal —
  • ‘Clean, Simple, Revolutionary.  Intuitive interface, beautiful hi-rez images, and a business model that puts the power, money, and time back into your hands.  Highly recommended to any prospective home buyers.’  Director, nicholaslam.com

    — Nicholas Lam —
  • Love working with this app.  It’s extremely simple and easy to use.  First time home buyer and wow! Will use again.

    — Garrett Olson —
  • As a home buyer who has been through the process twice (and understand how it works), I want to be able to control more of the process and loved negotiating the terms of my offer.

    — Anthony Brooks —
  • I held a real-estate agents license years ago and I was dreading going through the home-buying process.  I used the Hobizbo app to search for a duplex today, found 3 properties, drove past them and contacted an agent through the app to view one.  After viewing, my wife and I sat in the car outside and submitted an offer through the app.  It had all the key terms and was SO easy!  This used to be such a painful process with all kinds of arcane forms – this app saved a ton of time & stress!

    — Conor Weir —
  • Hobizbo is so elegant and easy-to-use. Highly recommended.

    — Kelly Campbell —
  • ‘What I like about Hobizbo is it’s a beautifully designed consumer facing tool, while also promoting the best real estate agents.  Real estate technology should improve, not eliminate, the human elements provided in a transaction.’  Spencer Pabst, Broker, Pabst, Kinney and Associates.

    — Spencer Pabst —
  • ‘We believe the ‘disruption’ in real estate is really about leveraging technology to focus agent’s time on the relationship and service to the client. Instant Appointments give buyers control of the process, reducing the need for our agents to market themselves and instead focusing our time on the highly specialized, knowledge based work that is really valuable to our clients.’ Jeremy Lehman, CTO, The Boutique Real Estate Group

    — Jeremy Lehman —